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New version of SICRIS, V2.2, installed

New features, bug fixes and updates

•    Editing of previous employments has been added to systems
•    The option to include and exclude the display of Frascati classification, education, mentoring data has been added to systems
•    FORD classification added to project/programmes editing
•    Display of decimal values enabled for the share of workload and the share of research work


New version of SICRIS, V2.1, installed

New features, bug fixes and updates

•    When registering the researcher and contact person of the organization, a redirection is made to updating the record
•    Connection to REST interfaces is enabled via the izum-http library
•    When displaying projects and programmes in the researcher presentation, the period during which the researcher participated is listed (previously the entire period of the project or programme)
•    When updating the data, accessibility for the visually impaired is improved
•    E-CRIS.MK supports searching for researchers in Latin script, in E-CRIS.SR, E-CRIS.CG, E-CRIS.BH in Cyrillic script
•    For researchers, we have made it possible to update personal data, education, mentoring and frascati classifications in E-CRIS systems


Update of the document Typology of documents/works for bibliography management in COBISS.


New version of E-CRIS, V2.0, installed


Update of the document Typology of documents/works for bibliography management in COBISS


Installation of a new version of the Bibliographies V6.1 software
•    Graphical and technological upgrade.
•    New features in personal bibliographies: 
     -    searching for authors is performed with the CONOR database; 
     -    BibTex added to the bibliographic unit formats;
     -    PDF and LaTeX added to the report formats;
     -    classification option typology, authors, year – descending, title added in the classification of bibliographic units;
     -    new input parameter, which includes open access altmetrics display of the companies Altmetric and PlumX for bibliographic units with identifier DOI, URL, URN or ISBN.
     -    option for excluding individual bibliographic units in all reports added;
     -    parameters in direct links changed.
•    New features in serial bibliographies: 
     -    option for searching by title or keywords added;
     -    option for selecting the same bibliographic unit formats and report formats as in personal bibliographies added;
     -    option for selecting the method of bibliographic units classification, displaying altmetrics, abstracts, and bibliography language added; 
     -    option for excluding individual bibliographic units added.

13.05.2020 Facebook Page launched (


E-CRIS.SR, V3.3.3, december 2017

The E-CRIS.SR system includes basic information on more than 2500 international projects (source: CORDIS, ERASMUS, COST). You can perform basic search and print the list of international projects of research organisations (where it was possible to establish link).


A new version of the E-CRIS.SR V 3.2 software has been installed in which the display of search results in the JSON format was added. At the same time, the web presentations of researchers, organisations, groups and projects now also include the display of all publicly accessible data in the JSON format. This enables standardised access to data in a format, adapted to communication between computers.

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