New version of SICRIS, V3.0, installed

From now on, you can change research organizations via the SICRIS portal or submit applications for:

  • RECORDS (changes in employment loads as well as employment loads for research work for researchers and expert or technical associates). You can edit the data for the year 2023 until the end of the PRU call. You can also make ongoing changes. The functionality replaces submitting the application ARIS-EV-ZAPOSL-2023.
  • PROGRAMMES/PROJECTS (submission of applications for changes to programme/project groups). You can edit the data for 2023 until the end of the PRU call, no later than 15 June 2024.


New version of Bibliographies, V7.3 installed.

Bibliographic performance indicators for the appointment to titles at the Faculty of Information Studies in Novo Mesto added to the SICRIS system (only in the Slovenian version).



Published minutes of the meeting of CSICs and ARIS held to discuss the issues of cataloguing, classification, verification and categorization of bibliographic units, which are taken into account in the evaluation of research performance.


New version of Bibliographies, V7.2 installed.

New features and updates:

            -    the maximum number of points (80) applies to editorial offices of category F and G together
            -    editorial points are no longer awarded to all types of monographs

  • For bibliographic units, data on open access publications from the dCOBISS digital repository is displayed:

            -    link (dCOBISS) to display open access data in COBISS+ 
            -    links to publications in institutional digital repositories 
            -    information on projects and financiers; if the data is not in dCOBISS, the data on the projects will continue to be displayed from fields 338 


Corrections of impact factors and ranking of some journals in the database JCR for 2022 are added to the COBISS.SI system.


Published data for ARIS tenders (12 January 2024) within the SICRIS information system.


The list of international publishers that are taken into account when categorising research publications (BIBLIO-C) for the year 2024 was published. From 2024 onwards, the publishers WSEAS Press, InTechOpen, Nova Science Publishers and Dr. Kovač are no longer on the list based on decisions by ARIS. 


After 15 January 2024, the link to E-CRIS will be disabled. Please change it from to


New version of Bibliographies, V7.1 installed

New features and updates:

  • In the SICRIS system, on the introduction pages of projects/programmes, organisations and groups, the graphically and technologically updated report Evaluation of research performance bibliographic indicators by the ARIS methodology was installed.
  • In the SICRIS system in the Services menu, the graphically and technologically updated reports Bibliographic performance indicators for the appointment to titles and Evaluation of a group of selected researchers were installed.  

As of 1 January 2024, access to the old SICRIS and Bibliographies applications will be disabled and links from them will no longer be active.

Instructions for access to bibliography reports:


Installed lists of databases with data on journals for 2023 (BIBLIO-A, BIBLIO-B).

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