New version of SICRIS, V2.1, installed

New features, bug fixes and updates

  • When registering the researcher and contact person of the organization, a redirection is made to updating the record
  • Connection to REST interfaces is enabled via the izum-http library
  • When displaying projects and programmes in the researcher presentation, the period during which the researcher participated is listed (previously the entire period of the project or programme)
  • When updating the data, accessibility for the visually impaired is improved
  • E-CRIS.MK supports searching for researchers in Latin script, in E-CRIS.SR, E-CRIS.CG, E-CRIS.BH in Cyrillic script
  • For researchers, we have made it possible to update personal data, education, mentoring and frascati classifications in E-CRIS systems


Published data for ARRS tenders (28 Feb 2023) within the SICRIS information system.


A new version of the Bibliographies, V6.6, is installed

New features and updates

  • A new code for authorship in the CORES database (topical issue editor)
  • Update of the document Typology of Documents/Works for Bibliography Management in COBISS 
  • Changes in the evaluations of bibliographic records according to the ARRS methodology and bibliographic criteria:
    • Change of the limit values when calculating the A1 score
    • Cancellation of the exception about 100% rating of other scientific articles (1.03)
    • Introducing the rating for the topical issue editor
    • Updating the list of offices when evaluating models (2.29)
    • Updating the list of offices in applications for patents (2.23)
  • New values of the A3 score are added

As of yet, the evaluation of groups on the count of technological updates remains according to the starih old bibliographic criteria and the old ARRS methodology.


New version of SICRIS V2.0 installed with which the E-CRIS systems in the network were updated


New version of Bibliographies V6.5 software installed

New features when displaying citations in SICRIS (citations in WoS and Scopus)

•    option of selecting the period of work publication added
•    option of selecting a citation database added 
•    new reports added: by year of publication, by journal and report with linked records 
•    when selecting the report format, the JSON format was added

The SciMet portal was discontinued (most functionalities were transferred to SICRIS)


New version of SICRIS2 V1.5 installed

New features, bug fixes and updates

•    We enabled searching for international projects
•    The researchers can register in a group of an international project
•    Contact persons of organisations can add new and change all international projects
•    The option FORD classification is added to the ARRS projects and programmes 


Corrections of impact factors and ranking of some journals in the database JCR are added to the COBISS.SI system.

Installed lists of databases with data on journals for 2022 (BIBLIO-A, BIBLIO-B).


New version of SICRIS2 V1.4 installed

New features, bug fixes and updates

•    ARRS projects transfer enabled
•    Search adaptation for administrators
•    Daily data export for calls for tender
•    Monthly data export for GDPR purposes



In the COBISS.SI system, the data on impact factors for 2021 has been added to the JCR database (Impact factor (1994–2021)). In the SNIP database, the data on impact factors for 2021 has been added and the data for previous years has been updated (Impact factor (1999–2021)).


New version of SICRIS2 V1.3 installed

New features, bug fixes and updates

•    daily transfer of evaluation data updated
•    data transfer from ARRS overhauled
•    automatic logout after login expiry added
•    improved operation when changing researcher data
•    improved display of publication titles

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